Stress Relief with Acupuncture

I think this guy needs some acupuncture...

I think this guy needs some acupuncture...

Some time ago, a patient came in with a headache, shoulder pain, nausea, stomach pain, and no appetite. She had been suffering from these problems for the previous three months, and was hoping for some relief.   As we talked it seemed that she felt a lot of stress, both from work as well as family responsibilities.  

After talking with the patient and doing the Chinese diagnostics of looking at the tongue and palpating the pulse, I diagnosed her with “Liver qi constraint”, a very common syndrome, and one closely related to stress.  The headaches, shoulder tension and digestive problems, which she also experienced, are also commonly seen with “Liver qi constraint”.  The acupuncture treatment focused on moving and soothing her "Liver qi".

When she returned for her second treatment, she was about 90% symptom-free!  I gave her another acupuncture treatment, focusing on the same principles, and had her come back the following week.  When she returned, she said she had felt great all week.  No headaches, good appetite and no digestive problems. Needless to say, I was was she.

We all know that stress has an effect on our health.  Based on my years of experience as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I would say, without reservation, that stress is a factor in almost every ailment a person presents with.   Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are wonderful modalities for helping to manage stress and strengthen the body’s ability to deal with it.  

While it is rare to see such a quick turn around, as in the patient above, it is always rewarding for a practitioner and, of course, wonderful for the patient.  In this case, all of this patient’s problems were caused by stress; hers was a classic case of "Liver qi constraint".  Acupuncture helped to regulate and smooth the qi in her channels, thereby relieving the stress and the effects it had had on her body.  As all health starts at an energetic level, once her Liver qi was flowing properly again, her symptoms went away.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to know how acupuncture and Chinese medicine might be helpful for you.