I have been practicing acupuncture in Portland since 2001.  While I treat a variety of issues, people mainly come to see me for acute and chronic pain, emotional stress, sports injuries, digestive complaints and women's health issues. 

How I Work:

My style is gentle and supportive. I see myself as your partner in health, working together to help you unwind body and mind so you can feel your best.  We focus on what is important to you.  I typically ask a lot of questions in the beginning so I can better understand what you’re experiencing and the possible related factors.  Then I come up with a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and situation, and that evolves as you do.  My goal for you is that you feel free and at ease in your body and mind and that you have tools to carry that freedom and ease forward into the rest of your life. 

My Tools and How They Help:

Acupuncture: Provides pain relief and is wonderfully relaxing to the body and mind.  People generally leave feeling refreshed from the inside out. All needles are sterile and single use only.

Chinese Herbs: While these are not always used, they can greatly enhance treatment effects in certain instances.

Cupping and Gua sha: Both techniques can be useful for certain kinds of pain. In gua sha, a salve or oil is applied and the skin is "scraped" with a smooth-edged tool. Gua sha helps resolve adhesions (fibrous bands) in the muscles and tissues, brings circulation to the area, and promotes healing and pain relief.  Cupping creates suction in a local area. It relieves muscle tension and pain, can help resolve adhesions, and brings circulation to the area.  

Body-Centered Mindfulness: This is a gentle, non-judgmental way to be in relationship with yourself in the moment and to explore your experience and feelings around different aspects of your life.  It is a lovely way to deeply connect with and find support within yourself.  You will find strength, resources and answers inside that will surprise you in a good way.  You have everything you need inside of you to help guide you forward.

Questions and Journaling Prompts: These have similar benefits to the body-centered mindfulness tools above.

Lifestyle, Dietary and Other Recommendations:  If I suspect it might be useful for you to experiment with certain activities or foods or if it might help to receive testing or outside care, I will recommend that.

TDP Lamp and Moxibustion: Brings heat to the body to nourish certain body systems and/or bring circulation and relief to sore muscles.

I don’t use all of these tools in every session, but they are always readily available.

Why I Do This Work:

I feel a lot of empathy for our human experience because, like most of us, I know how difficult it is to struggle with physical and emotional pain, and to feel stuck.  I also know the joys of being able to do the things I love once the pain is relieved.  And I deeply appreciate the sense of internal freedom and empowerment I feel when I am able to transform stuck areas in my life.  The loving, kind attention of others has been a tremendous gift in these endeavors in my life.  I love giving back by helping others do the same, so that they can pursue what gives them joy and meaning in their lives.